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Due to the present economic context, there are more higher risks of occurrence of some unpredicted events with negative impact over the business from Romania. Therefore, any businessman wishes to find a way to protect his investment in order to focus his efforts for the development of the business.

The solutions offered by ATI ASIG come to support the enterprisers from Romania offering them the possibility to insure their goods, the company’s headquarters, the endowments, equipments, the purchased merchandise, with other words, the assets that generate value for the business.

For the good development of the business, they also need responsible employees, capable to fulfil their tasks and to contribute at the success of the business. Their health insurance represent one of the supplementary benefits highly wanted and appreciated by the employees and that is a part of the portfolio of insurance products offered by ATI ASIG.

Moreover, the juridical person, customer of ATI ASIG, may opt for the conclusion of a civil liability insurance. In the present business ambiance, the manager who wishes to contribute at the success of the compeny he runs, is subjected to the risk of making wrong decisions by which he may cause damages to the third parties or to the company. In order to cover these damages, the manager can be obliged to pay some compensations, this payment affecting his patrimony and possibly affecting him, himself.

But ATI ASIG offers support to the juridical persons and to the professional organizations, associations, shareholders and managers with power of decision in the company by means of the civil liability insurance.

Likewise, the juridical persons, owners of cars or other motor vehicles, may benefit of the following types of insurances :

The CAL insurance (+ green card)

CASCO insurance (type of optional insurance)

At least, but not last, the producers companies or the companies specialized mainly on import – export, consider the CARGO type insurance to be very efficient. In the moment in which a very large cargo is damaged, this may cost important resources for the respective producer or company. In order to answer this need from the market, ATI ASIG offers very advantageous CARGO insurances for the juridical persons customers.

The sales of goods or the performance of services are facing the risk of some conditions that may lead to significant profit losses or even to bankruptcy. The commercial credits insurance offered by ATI ASIG is an efficient instrument for the risk management, which minimizes the risks associated to the commercial contracts, protecting the business and the company’s assets.




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