The Fixation of the Translation’s Price

The Fixation of the Price

The tariffs vary depending on the language in/from which the translation is made, on the type of document, on the delivery term for the paper and depending on the number of pages. The translation page is considered to be the page which results in the translated language and contains, in the case of the unstandardized documents, 2000 characters with spaces. In the case of standardized documents, the charging is made for each document. The charging is made for minimum a page.

The price includes : The translation, the make-up of the text and the printing in two copies of the translation, the saving of the documents on electronic support (CD, memory stick) or sending it by email.

xecution Terms

The delivery of a work, depending on its difficulty and of the number of pages, is made within 24 – 48 hours. For papers larger than 10 pages, technical documentations, technical manuals, papers for auctions, the limit term is settled by a common agreement with the customer.

Emergency Tax

For the translations made in the same day, for the documents of maximum 5 pages, an emergency tax of 50% from the value of the translation is applied.


For standardized translations (birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, criminal record certificates, other certificates, diploma, transcript of training, other documents of study, work record etc) the prices are fixed for the physical page of the document. For “Translations from Different Domains”, the prices are established for pages considered at 2000 characters with spaces.

Minimum one page is charged. The notary authentication of the translations : 37.20 lei/ for the first copy, 6.20 lei/ for every other copy of the same document.

The emergency tax : +50% from the specific tariff (is applied only for the translation, not for the authentication).

For every supplementary copy of the translation, a 50% discount from the tariff of the first copy is applied.


Free Courier Services – This service is free fro the translation with a value over 150 lei.

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