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Medical insurances for traveling abroad

It is the medical insurance for travels abroad. It is intended for physical persons with ages between 0 – 85 years that travel abroad, for tourist purpose, for buseiness interests, for studies, for specializations or in order to develop working activities.

The insurance has as an objective the coverage of the emergency medical expenses from abroad (consultations and diagnosing, treatment and medication, hospitalization, surgical interventions, transport with the ambulance, detnal treatment etc) in case of accident and/ or sickness (including medical repatriation or the repatriation of the dead body).

It includes, among the above mentioned services, aslo the risk of accidental death. In this case, if aborad, after an accident, occurs the death of the policyholder, the beneficiaries appointed by him, will be compensated with an amount chosen by the policyholder.

The insurance is valid only outside the Romanian territory. It is intended for Romanian physical persons that work abroad based on a working contract.

The object of the insurance cosists in covering the risk of occurrence of the insured events, respectively the unpredictable accidents or the unpredictable sickness of the Policyholder, during the insured period, which hinder the tourist’s stay or the normal continuation of the trip, as it was initially scheduled (for business men) or of the route written in the travel warrant (for professional drivers).

The limit of the expenses covered by the present insurance is one of the three versions, according to the Policyholder’s option written in the Policy : 5,000 USD, 10,000 USD, 30,000 USD.

The Insurance of the Agricultural Crops

All the agricultural crops can be insured – cereals, technical plants, medicinal and aromatic plants, alimentary vegetables, forage plants, potatoes and vegetables, seed crops, vineyard fruits, fruits of the trees and of the hop, fruit-bearing bushes, strawberry plantations, the crops from the glass houses, solars and hotbeds, nurseries, stocks plantations, young trees plantations, grafted trees plantations in the fruit-growing nurseries, the forests. At the cultures with more harvests in an year, the technological expenses necessary for the whole year production are insured.

The covered risks :

-       fire (the phenomenon of ignition and burning of the agricultural crops), caused by natural causes – electric discharges (lightning);
-       heavy rains
-       storm or thunderstorm
-       hail
-       landfall or lanslide of the cultivated fields
-       early autumn frost.

Professional Liabilities

These include the professional liability of the :

-       acountant experts, authorized accountants, independent auditors, technical evaluators and experts
-       lawyers
-       notary public
-       medical personnel, medical units and suppliers of medical products and services
-       pharmacists, pharmacy assistants and pharmaceutical units
-       architects and construction engeneers from the projection
-       insurance brokers
-       juridical councellors
-       practitioners in insolvency
-       judicial executors
-       translators
-       veterinary medical practice
-       operators and agents authorized to register guarantee notices in the Electronic Archive of Real Movable Guarantees
-       the activity of standardization and certification of the conformity.

The object of the insurance is the coverage of the damages caused to the beneficiaries of the professional services, by the fact committed by the guilty Policyholder within the exertion of his profession.


The Insured Risk :

-       patrimonial damages. 

The insurance of the credits
  protects the traders and the producers in front of the risk of unpayment by the consumers that buy or rent goods or benefit of the facilities of similar credits.




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