Accidents Insurance

The owners of transport means, physical or juridical persons, including the companies that are making transport of persons.

The Insured Risks

By this form of insurance, the passengers transported with the transportation means owned by physiscal, juridical persons or transport companies, are insured. 

The covered risks :

-      death by accident;
-      permanent, total or partial disability, according to the idiasbility degree obtained after that accident;
-      the medical expenses necessary for the treatment of the permanent disability after an accident;
-      temporary disability from the accident, payable under the form of daily indemnity for hospitalization and convalescence after the hospitalization and for a duration of maximum 60 days for an insured year, regardless the number of hospitalizations;
-      the damaging, the destruction or the loss of the luggages and of the goods of the accidented person;
-      the expenses occasioned by the transport of the person deceased after an accident, till the inhumation place. 

If the insurance is concluded by the transportation companies, the insurance contains also the driver of the transportation mean and respectively, the accompanying personnel of the transport company, without bonus addition.

The insurance is valid even when the passenger/ traveller is in the precinct of the station, auto coach station or other similar precincts, one hour before the moment of the departure of the transportation mean and after an hour after the arrival at the destination, as well as during the transhipments from a transportation mean to another for the continuation of the journey. 

The insurance can be concluded for all the above mentioned risks (the extended version), but by insurance, there can be also covered just the risks of death by accident and permanent total or partial disability by accident (basic version of the product).

The prices differ depending on the insurance company, the insured risks, the number of the insured persons and the insured amount.

Consultation (advice) 
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When does the CAL expire?

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